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well order

 पु. सुक्रम

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work order   natural order   Order cheque   delivery order   second order   numerical order   descending order   first order   order in council   drugs order   discharge an order   order in appeal   peremptory order   broken order   same order bias estimators   list order   sale transfer order   introduction of (an order)   private order   Pension payment order   in order of priority   order of court   order point system   higher order conditioning   payment order account   order wire circuit   Treasury order   order getting cost   order of an infinitesimal   protection order   mail-order store   place an order for   insertion order   higher grating order   Non-appealable order   provisional Constitutional order   winding up order   reverse an order   relative order   order of transfer   binding order   this is in order   of the order of......   order is restored   order of performance   order of succession   Postal money order   total order relation   sub-order   first order prism   absorbing well   absorption well   Abyssinian tube well   accession order   adaptation order   adjudication order   affiliation order   allotment order   alphabetical order   alphabetic order table   apparent zero-order   appellate order   architectural well   artesian well   ascending order   ascending order of magnitude   assessment order passed   Attachment order   audit and accounts order   bad order freight   balance order   banker's order   banker's pay order   bank pay-order   Bartlett's test of second-order interaction   before i pass final order in this case i would like to have the report of   benefit of order   better same order bias estimator   billed order   bill has been scrutinized and found in order   bill pay order   binding order   birth order   blanket order   bond order   bored well   bore well   boring well   breach of order   broken order   broker's delivery order   by order   by order and in the name of the governor of maharashtra   canonical order   capacity of a well   cap of well   case discussed, for order please   cash order   cash with order   cavity well   
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वठ्ठ्या or वठ्या

  • vaṭhṭhyā or vaṭhyā or वठ्याबा a Large and lubberly; a sturdy and illiterate lout. 

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