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Welfare Superintendent

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public welfare   superintendent   labour welfare   economic welfare   Labour Welfare Superintendent   welfare state   social welfare function   Central Social Welfare Board   welfare school   welfare of staff   humanitarian welfare   general welfare fund   Committee on the Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Vimukta Jatis and Nomadic Tribes   Welfare Organiser   youth welfare officer   non-welfare goods   employee's welfare expenses   welfare institution   Social welfare advisory board   Engineering Superintendent   Research Superintendent   District Superintendent of Police   Deputy District Superintendent   Superintendent (Legal Deptt.)   Superintendent of Branch   Captain Superintendent, Training Ship   Superintendent (Development and Training)   Special Superintendent   District Superintendent   Superintendent (Advances Deptt.)   Catering Superintendent   Superintendent (Inspection Deptt.)   Rector cum Superintendent   Hostel Superintendent/Hostel Warden   Superintendent of Accounts   Superintendent (Technical Division)   Station Superintendent   Farm Superintendent   Superintendent (Farm Financing Deptt.)   Superintendent (Estate Deptt.)   Divisional Workshop Superintendent   Leather Expert and Superintendent   Superintendent (Development Deptt.)   Nursing Superintendent   Superintendent (Industrial Cell)   Garden Superintendent, Regional Fruit Research Station   Superintendent (Planning and Resources deptt.)   Superintendent (Branch deptt.)   Superintendent (Inspection)   Superintendent (Stationery)   Assistant Loans Superintendent   Assistant Superintendent   Captain Superintendent, Training Ship   Catering Superintendent   Chawl Superintendent   child-welfare   Deputy District Superintendent   Deputy staff Superintendent   Deputy Superintendent   Deputy Superintendent (Advances Department)   Deputy Superintendent (Branch Department)   Deputy Superintendent of Advances   Deputy Superintendent (Staff Department)   District Superintendent   District Superintendent of Police   Divisional Workshop Superintendent   economics of welfare   economic welfare   Electrical and Communication Superintendent   Endowment Superintendent   Engineering Superintendent   Factory Superintendent   Farm Superintendent   Garden Superintendent   Garden Superintendent, Regional Fruit Research Station   Godown Superintendent   gross natoinal welfare   Hostel Superintendent/Hostel Warden   humanitarian welfare   Jailor cum Superintendent   Key Market Superintendent   labour welfare   Labour Welfare Superintendent   lady superintendent   Lady Superintendent, Health Visitor's School   Law Superintendent   Leather Expert and Superintendent   legal welfare   Loans Superintendent   Market Superintendent   maternity welfare   Night Superintendent   Nursing Superintendent   Office Superintendent   Office Superintendent and Personal Assistant to Comptroller   Probation Superintendent   public welfare   Rector cum Superintendent   Research Superintendent   rural welfare   
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  • वि. 
  • न जोडलेलें ; जुळलेलें . 
  • अयोग्य ; अनुचित ; निरुपयोगी . [ सं . अ + युज ] 
  • ०पण न. विलगता ; चंचलता , म्हणोनि अयुक्तपण मनाचें । - ज्ञा २ . ३४७ . 
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