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Ways and means advances

अर्थोपाय आगाऊ रकमा

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means of transport   means of communication   ways and means estimates   Other ways and means advances   Ways and means advances   by any means   means of production   by no means   unfair means   folk ways   ways and means committee   ways and means commitee   secured loans and advances   this dose not include passage both ways   air line/ways company   Taxes on goods and passengers carried by road or on inland water ways   water ways   adequate means of livelihood   premissible means of transport   it means   fair means   ranking of means   means object   difference between treatment means   it means that   means end capacity   large means   unweighted means method   Deputy Superintendent (Advances Department)   Objection book advances   analysis of advances   Written off advances   Irrecoverable loans and advances written off   retail trade advances   indiscriminatory advances   General provident fund advances   working capital advances   Departmental advances   Miscllaneous advances   non-seasonal advances   Advances made and recovered   interest accured on advances   Permanant advances of postage   Advances for rest camps   advances to exports   non-performing advances/loans   Assistant General Manager (Industrial trade Advances and Foreign Department)   Superintendent (Advances Deptt.)   Recoveries of advances granted to Government servnts   Assistant General Manager (Priority Sector advances)   additional ways and means advances   additivity of means   Advances   advances account   Advances bearing interest   Advances for rest camps   advances governed by government resolution no.-----dated   Advances made and recovered   Advances not bearing interest   Advances of pay and travelling allowance   advances to exports   advances to intermediaries   agricultural advances   air ways   analysis of advances   Assistant General Manager (Industrial trade Advances and Foreign Department)   Assistant General Manager (Priority Sector advances)   Assistant Manager (Advances)   average advances   bank advances   by dishonest means   by means of   by no means   committee on ways and means   consortium advances   Controller of Advances   Controller of Advances (Foreign)   Departmental advances   Deputy Superintendent (Advances Department)   Deputy Superintendent of Advances   difference between treatment means   extra-legal means   fair means   folk ways   General provident fund advances   grant of ways and means advances   group advances   indiscriminatory advances   industry-wise analysis of advances   interest accured on advances   interest on advances   Interest on loans and advances by Central Government   Irrecoverable loans and advances written off   irregular advances   it means   Land improvement advances   large means   Loans and advances   means   merchandise advances   
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