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still head

उर्ध्वपातन उपकरण शीर्ष

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dividing head   leader head   capillary head   head water erosion   Per head   arrow-head   head rhyme   velocity head   Sub major head   single-head planer   head of the state   split head   department head   Head Cashier (Category C)   copper head   amber head   head valve   appropriate head   Assistant Inspector (Head Quarter)   Head Sepoy   still head   Expenditure under debt head   cylinder-head grinder   distinct subject head   countersunk head   Head Examiner   conical head   Acting Manager (Head Office)   Fund head   pipe threading head   head of a column   Clearance List Head Clerk   head amplifier   suspense head of account   major head totals   under head   door head   Head Book Binder   Head Mistress   window head   hammer-head chisel   Police Head Constable   Head Armed Guard   prognathous head   goniometer head   tubercular head   cup head bolt   Woman Police Head Constable   Head Constable Qualified Armourer   pan-head rivet   Abstract of major head totals   Accepted for Rs. .... for debit to the following head of account   Account for under the head   account head   Acting Manager (Head Office)   amber head   appropriate head   Appropriate head of account   Armed Head Constable Grade I   Armed Head Constable Grade II   arrow-head   Assistant Head Cashier   Assistant Inspector (Head Quarter)   beak head   Beat Duty Head Constable   beetle-head   bill head   bolt head   boring head   boss head   broad head   budget head   budget head to which the cost of the indent is debitable   bull head   capillary head   capillary pressure head   Capital expenditure head   Capital expenditure head outside the revenue account   Capital head within the revenue account   Capital major head   casing head   cat-head   centre head   centrifuge head   charged involved in the proposal is debitable to the head and met from the provision made thereunder   chaser die-head   cheese head rivet   cheese head screw   Classified under the relevant major, minor and detailed Head   Clearance List Head Clerk   conical head   constant head   cooper still   copper head   corresponding revenue head of account   countersunk head   credit head   critical depression head   cup head bolt   cup head rivet   
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  • Treating with scorn and contumely. 
  • स्त्री. निर्भर्त्सनापूर्वक वागणूक , तिरस्काराने वागविणे . [ तिटकरणे ] 

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