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Personal deposit account

वैयक्तिक ठेव लेखा

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  • a  Separate, distinct; in comp. 
  • दृष्टीवेगळा Beyond the sight of. 
  • . In comp. as दृष्टीवेगळा That is beyond the sight of; बुद्धीवेगळा, ज्ञानावेगळा, कृपेवेगळा That is beyond the understanding of or outside the favor of; अहंकारावेगळा, लोभावेगळा, धनावेगळा, विद्येवेगळा; also जाण्या -येण्या -दिल्ह्या-घेतल्या-बसण्या-उठण्या-वेगळा. Also निराळा is applied in this sense. 4 Used as prep decl Without: also except. Ex. किं राम तुजवेगळा एक क्षण ॥ सर्वथा नव्हे हा भिन्न ॥. 
  • prep  Without; except. 

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