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oxy-acetylene pressure welding

ऑक्सिऍसिटिलिन सांधण

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pressure   atmospheric pressure   root pressure   air-acetylene welding   oxy-propane welding   cold welding   pressure lever   pressure dome   percussion welding   oxy-arc cutting   oxy gas cutting   hydrostatic pressure ratio   exhaust pressure   colloid osmotic pressure   oil pressure   pressure consolidation   dissociation pressure   roller seam welding   metal inert gas welding   pressure forging   difference of electric pressure   intermittent welding   resistance flash butt welding   ultimate bearing pressure   extreme pressure oil   reservoir pressure   gage pressure   sound pressure level   compression pressure   pressure necrosis   pressure atrophy   pressure shadow   automatic welding   tungsten arc welding   bottom hole pressure   electrical resistance welding   excess hydrostatic pressure   resistance butt welding   flash butt resistance welding   welding lead   automatic arc welding   pressure die casting   soil pressure   fillet welding   electroslag welding   jet pressure   die-casting pressure   intergranular pressure   oil pressure gauge   distribution of pressure   absolute pressure   acetylene   acoustic pressure   active earth pressure   active pressure   adhesive heat and pressure   air-acetylene welding   air pressure   allowable bearing pressure   allowable soil pressure   applied pressure   arc plasma welding   arc welding   argon arc welding   arterial blood pressure   artesian pressure   atmospheric pressure   atomic hydrogen arc welding   atomic hydrogen welding   atomic welding   autogenous welding   automatic arc welding   automatic welding   backhand welding   back pressure   backward welding   bare metal arc welding   barometric pressure   bearing pressure   blacksmith welding   blood pressure   blow off pressure   boiler pressure   bottom hole pressure   brake mean effective pressure   brake pressure   bubble pressure   butt welding   capacity pressure   capillary pressure   carbon-arc welding   carbon electrode arc welding   centre of hydrostatic pressure   centre of pressure   circular seam welding   circumferential seam welding   coefficient of active earth pressure   cohesion pressure   cohesive soil pressure   cold pressure welding   
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  • Bot.(tongue shaped) जिव्हाकार 
  • = lingulated 
  • जिव्हाकृति 
  • जिभेसारखे अरुंद, सपाट व लांबट 

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