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overage can not be condoned

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अधिक आयु की स्थितिमें रियायत नहीं दी जा सकती

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leave not due   overage can not be condoned   not negotiable   not traceable   not more than   plead not guilty   this may kindly be condoned   NOT gate   not only..... but also   not negotiable instrument   we need not pursue the matter further   not in order   service conditions are not satisfactory   reply not received inspite of repeated reminders   order not to pay   it is not sought to make these rules applicable to such case   show cause as to why serious action should not be taken   Not payble in cash but by book transfer   material facts should not be ignored   substitute is not available   total pay should not exceed Rs......   the relevent file is not ready available   Not payble at the treasury   shall not be compelled   i have not the least hesitation in holding that   may not pursue the matter   income accrued but not received   question does not arise   Close approximation to and not an exact coincedence with the actuals   if quorum is not available   not payable before the 1st list of the next month   papers should not be tossed for several days   marginally noted items should not be accounted for   Payments not supported by final vouchers   discretion of state government is not restricted   not bearing interest   Debts not yet collected or paid   appellant pleaded not guilty to the charge framed against him   this dose not include passage both ways   amount of leave not due   Intervals between remittances should not exceed a fortnight   government are pleased to approve of your proposal for the purchase of at a total cost not exceeding rs.   not negotiable crossing   effects not cleared   defect or irregularity not to vitiate proceedings   not exceeding a period of   is not likely to materialise   advice not clear   shall not be questioned on any ground   hereinafter referred to as governor which expression shell unless the context dose not admit include his succession and assigne   
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