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omnibus credit

सार्वजनिक उधार

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unconfirmed letter of credit   credit institution   bill of credit   omnibus test   instrument of credit   leave at credit   bank credit   credit omnibus   traveller's letter of credit   direct method of credit control   unworthy of credit   pyramidal structure of credit   line of credit   credit acceptance   instalment credit   credit to outstation cheques   Credit Planning Cell   identification of credit gap   lying to credit   credit contraction   revocable letters of credit   Rural Planning and Credit Department   financial credit   balance to the credit   deferred credit   cash credit facility   responding credit/debit   multiple credit creation   short credit   personal credit   credit reporting agency   consumer's credit   liberal credit   Co-operative Non-Agricultural Credit Society   land mortgage credit   export credit guarantee scheme   Special Officer for Co-operative Credit   export bills credit scheme   Thrift and Credit Co-operative Society   flow of credit   foreign credit letter   Credit Information Section   deficient monitoring of credit utilisation   credit approval   reorientation of credit deployment   purchase-wise credit   State agricultural credit relief and guarantee fund   credit creation   credit co-operative society   credit purveying role   absorption of credit   acceptance credit   Actual credit   additional credit accommodation   advice to transfer debit/credit   aggregation of credit plans   agricultural co-operative credit society   agricultural credit   agricultural credit society   amalgamation of credit   amount due on account of credit sales   Amount of credit   amount of leave at credit   appraisal of credit proposal   Assistant General Manager (Credit Lines)   Assistant Rural Credit Officer   automatic credit guarantee scheme   back to back credit   back to back letter of credit   Balance at the credit of the subscriber   balance of credit   balance to credit   balance to the credit   bank credit   bank credit creation   bank credit to government sector   bill of credit   bill to be paid by transfer credit   blank credit   book credit   branch credit   By transfer credit   cash-credit   cash credit accomodation   cash credit facility   cash credit system   Certificate of credit   Chief Development Officer (Agricultural Credit)   Chief Rural Credit Officer   circular letter of credit   clean credit   collateral credit   commercial credit   commercial credit company   commercial letter of credit   Commission charges for reimbursing warrents and credit notes   confirmed credit   confirmed irrevocable letter of credit   confirmed letter of credit   Conra credit   
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