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KĀRTIKEYA , s. (The god of war, or Hindu Mars, generated from the vivifying principle of Śiva cast into Agni, or Fire, who, unable to retain it, cast it into Gangā, or the Ganges. On the banks of this river was born the beautiful boy who was destined to lead the armies of the gods, and to be the destroyer of Tāraka, a demon who, by his austerities, had alarmed both gods and men, and gained the dominion of the universe. When born, Kārtikeya was nursed by six nymphs, called the Kritti- kās, or Pleiades, who each called him her son, and, offer- ing her breast, the child assumed to himself six mouths, and received nurture from each. He is considered to be the brother of Ganeśa, who was the reputed eldest son of Śiva and Pārvatī. He is represented riding on a peacock. (As having the six Kṛttikās for his foster- mothers, he is called) कार्त्तिकेयः, कृत्तिकासुतः, षाण्मातुरः, बाहुलेयः,विशाखः. —
(As god of war he is called) स्कन्दः, महासेनः,सेनापतिःm., सेनानीःm.
(As born in the fire) अग्निभूःm., अग्निभुवः. —
(The beautiful boy) कुमारः. —
(Born on the Ganges) गङ्गापुत्रः, गङ्गासुतः. —
(Brought up in thickets of grass) शरजन्माm.(न्), शरजः. — (Son of Pārvatī) पार्वतीनन्दनः,गौरीजः, गौरीपुत्रः. —
(The six-faced) षडाननः, षण्मुखः. —
(The twelve-eyed) द्वादशलोचनः, द्वादशाक्षः. —
(The twelve-handed) द्वादशकरः. — (The conqueror of Tāraka) तारकजित्m., तार-कारिःm., तारकरिपुःm., तारकहाm.(न्), तारकसूदनः. —
(The destroyer of the demon Krauncha) क्रौञ्चदारणः, क्रौञ्चारातिःm., क्रौञ्चारिःm.
(The mysterious one) गुहः. —
(The spear-holder) शक्तिधरः, शक्तिग्रहः, शक्तिपाणिःm., शक्तिभृत्m. — (Borne on the peacock) शिखिवाहनः, वर्हिणवाहनः. His wife is called सेना.
(As god of war) महाशक्तिःm., सिद्धसेनः.

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