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KALKI - कल्कि

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The tenth avatāra (incarnation) of Mahāviṣṇu. The ten avatāras are called Daśāvatāras. Kalki is the last of them. Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 16 says as follows about the incarnation of Kalki:-- Towards the end of Kaliyuga, all people will lose their faith in God and become irreligious. They will accept presents from the wicked. At that time, there will be intermixture of castes. People will become thieves and evil doers. Fifteen divisions of the Veda Vājasaneya alone will become the authoritative document. People, wearing the garb of righteousness, will indulge in unrighteousness. Mlecchas (lowest class of people) assuming the form of Kings will begin feeding upon human beings. At that time Lord Viṣṇu will incarnate as Kalki, the son of Viṣṇuyaśas and the priest of Yājñavalkya and exterminate all mlecchas. He will restore people to cāturvarṇya and the four āśramas and maintain proper standards of conduct. Afterwards the Lord will renounce the form of Kalki and ascend Heaven. Then Kṛtayuga will begin again. Chapter 190 of Bhāṣā Bhārata supports almost all the above statements. In the light of them, we can gather certain features of Kalki's incarnation when Kaliyuga reaches its zenith. Mahāviṣṇu will be born as a Brāhmaṇa with the name Viṣṇuyaśas, in the village called Śāmbhala. Viṣṇuyaśaṣ will become famous under the name Kalki. He will be the priest of Yājñavalkya. He will create arms and soldiers by his will itself and destroy the wicked. With that Kṛtayuga will commence. There is difference of opinion as to whether Kalki's incarnation has passed or is yet to come. But in the light of the statements in the Purāṇas, Kalki has not yet come. [Mahābhārata, Vana Parva], says that Kaliyuga extends over a period of 4, 32, 000 years. It is now only a little over 5,000 years since it began. Still, more than 4, 26, 900 years have to pass before the end of Kaliyuga. Therefore lakhs of years have still to pass before the incarnation of Kalki.

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