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frequency rate

वारंवारता प्रमाण
वारंवारता दर

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frequency   mortality rate   operating rate   market rate of interest   call rate   prime rate   banker's call rate   rate   issue rate   controlled rate   station to station rate   official rate   frequency response function   intermediate frequency   frequency changer   exchange rate   reproduction rate   diminishing marginal rate of substitution   yield rate   rate of shear   par rate of exchange   lending rate/lending rate of interest   secondary frequency standard   continuous frequency distribution   frequency pulling   law of frequency   audible frequency range   subsonic frequency   standard frequency   frequency multiplier   frequency stabilisation   wide frequency electron tube   frame frequency   audio frequency amplifier   rate determining setp   postage stamp rate   cross rate of currency   privileged rate   contracted rate   commodity rate of interest   Inclusive rate of cost   rate process   price earning rate   rate zonal centrifugation   effective rate   tender rate   commodity rate   substitute reproduction rate   risk-free rate of interest   interest rate   absolute frequency   absolute reaction rate   absoption rate constant   absorbed dose rate   acceptance rate   accession rate   accident frequency rate   accident rate   accounting rate of interest   accounting rate of interst   accounting rate of return   Acreage rate   administration rate   adult rate   advance rate   age specific death rate   age-specific fertility rate   age-specific mortality rate   aggregate rate   all commodity rate   all-inclusive rate of halting allowance   Approved rate   approximate rate   arbitrated exchange rate   at any rate   at station rate   attack rate   at the nil rate of duty   at the rate of   audio-frequency   authorised rate   average rate   average rate of exchange   Average rate of the exchange   bank call (money) rate   banker's call rate   bank-rate   bank-rate policy   bargain rate   basal metabolic rate   basal metabolic rate (B.M.R.)   base rate   basic rate   bazar bill rate   beat frequency   beneficial rate   berth rate   beta-dose rate   bill buying rate   bill rate   
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