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Don't follow traditions blindly or don't assume a superstition either.
Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!! Make Informed Religious Decisions!!

fortnightly verification

|  Marathi | प्रशासन
पाक्षिक पडताळणी

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Annual certificate of verification   Annual physical verification   annual verification   Annual verification of solvency   auto-verification   Certificate of service verification   Certificate of verification of stock   direct verification   fortnightly   Half yearly verification   indirect verification   Kahn verification test   Method of verification   Monthly verification   Note Cancellation and Verification Section   note verification   periodical surprise verification   Periodical verification   Physical verification   put up challans for verification of collection   Quarterly verification   Regular monthly verification of cash balance   report all transactions to the officer concerned for necessary verification   Senior Physical Verification Supervisor   service verification   stock verification   Stock verification certificate   Stores Verification Organisation   Subject to verification   Surprise verification of cash balance   verification   verification note   verification of account   verification of accounts   verification of antecedents   verification of cash balance   Verification of cash book and cash balance   verification of particulars   verification of plaint   verification of pleadings   verification of service   verification of signatures   verification of stores   verification of testimony   verification of title   Verification Section   verification sheet   Verification should be done cent per cent in respect of each article and not by test check   Verification statement   Verification wing   
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आत्मा जेव्हा शरीर सोडतो तेव्हा त्याचा पुढचा प्रवास कसा असतो?
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Don't follow traditions blindly or ignore them. Don't assume a superstition either. Don't be intentionally ignorant. Ask us!!
Hindu customs are all about Symbolism. Let us tell you the thought behind those traditions.
Make Informed Religious decisions.

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