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dismissed from service

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सेवेतून बडतर्फ

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length of service   dismissed from service   national health service   New service   service routine   service point   service pension   removal from service   service charge   service stamps   compulsory service   service utility   meritorious service   planning and locating of service area   cost of service   being found medically fit for service in the bank   service pipe   Indian Foregin Service   supply and service activities   Union Public Service Commission   Aeronautical communication service   diplomatic service   book service   Certificate of service verification   service industry   service level   aftercare service   Farmer's Service Society   Aerodromes and air route service   service mains   service lift   abstracting service   civil service anonymity   Service rules   retirement from service   wholetime service   news service   Preseparation service   local service   public library service   service school   service conitions   rendered service   cononation of break of service   approved service cerficate   continuing care service   Government test house service   disabled ex-service-man aplicants   without service element   service reservoir   absent in spite of service of summons   abstain from   abstracting service   according to the length of service   active service   actual service   advisory service   Aerodromes and air route service   Aeronautical communication service   aftercare service   after sale service   aftersale service   after sales service   agricultural extension service   agro service centre   air mail service   air service   All India Service   amateur service   amount due from   Amounts transfered from ----   any service previous to the attainment of the minimum aualifing age for entry into service of the state government   apart from   Approved service   approved service cerficate   army service corps   auxiliary service   basic reference service   batch service problem   being found medically fit for service in the bank   Beyond New Service limit   book service   breake in service   Break in service   broadcasting service   broadcast service   cancellation of service   career service   cash on delivery (C.O.D.) service   central civil service   Certificate of service verification   civil service   Civil Service Agency   civil service anonymity   Civil Service Examination   Civil service regulations   claims of goverbment servants joining war service for seniority   clerical service   commencement of service   commercial service   
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  • kalī, kalīkara, kalīgara &c. See under कल्हई. 

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