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dismissal charge

पदच्युति दोषारोप

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  • A warrior of a class of Rākṣasas (giants). In [Agni Purāṇa, Chapter 10], it is mentioned that this warrior died in the battle between Rāma and Rāvaṇa. Genealogy. Descended from Viṣṇu in the following order:--Brahmā--Heti--Vidyutkeśa-- Sukeśa--Mālyavān--Unmatta. Vidyutkeśa was born to Heti, the son of Brahmā by his wife Bhayā; Sukeśa was born to Vidyutkeśa by his wife Sālakaṭaṅkā and Mālī, Sumālī and Mālyavān were born to Sukeśa of his wife Devavatī, and to Mālyavān by his wife Śundarī, seven sons named Vajramuṣṭi, Virūpākṣa, Durmukha, Suptaghna, Yajñakośa, Matta and Unmatta and a daughter named Nalā were born. Prahasta, Akampana, Vikaṭa, Kālakāmukha, Dhūmrākṣa and some more Rākṣasas were the sons of Sumālī, brother of Mālyavān. Kaikasī, the mother of Rāvaṇa, was the sister of Prahasta. 

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