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correcting mass

संशुद्धक वस्तुमान

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  • Lakṣmīdevī. The following story is told in the Devī-bhāgavata as to how this name came to be applied to the devī. Once Revanta the very handsome son of Sūryadeva came to Vaikuṇṭha riding Uccaiḥ- śravas, Indra's horse. Devī, who was at that time with Viṣṇu gazed for a few minutes in wonder at the horse. She did not, therefore, attend to Viṣṇu's talk. Angered at this Viṣṇu told the devī: “Since your eyes find enjoyment on unnecessary things and move about among such objects, you shall be called from today onwards Ramā and Calā. Also you will be born as a mare on earth. Accordingly Mahālakṣmī was born as a mare on the banks of river Sarasvatī, and regained her old form only after delivering a son by Viṣṇu. That son was Ekavīra, founder of the Hehaya kingdom. [Devī Bhāgavata, Skandha 6]. 

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