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BRAHMIN or BRĀHMAN, s.ब्राह्मणः, विप्रः, बाडवः. —
(As the first- born among mortals) अग्रजन्माm. (न्). —
(As receiving second birth at his investiture with the sacred thread) द्विजः,द्विजातिःm., द्विजन्माm. (न्). —
(As learned in the Vedas) श्रोत्रियः. —
(As a deity upon earth) भूदेवः, भूमिदेवः. — (As born from the mouth of Brahmā) मुखजः. —
(A Brahmin by birth but not by duties) ब्राह्मणब्रुवः. —
(The wife of a Brahmin) ब्राह्मणी. —
(The condition of a Brahmin) ब्राह्मण्यं, ब्राह्मणता.

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