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पार्वण  mfn. mf()n. (fr.पर्वन्) belonging or relating to a division of time or to the changes of the moon (such as at new or full moon)
पर्वणौ शशि-दिवाकरौ   increasing, waxing, full (as the moon; , and sun at the time of full , [Ragh. xi, 82] ), [GṛŚrS.] ; [Kāv.] ; [Pur.] &c.
पार्वण  m. m. a half-month (= पक्ष), [Jyot.]
oblations offered at new and full moon, [GṛS.]

पार्वण [pārvaṇa] a.  a. (-णी f.) [पर्वणि भवः अण्]
Belonging or relating to a Parvan, falling on a Parva day, such as the full-moon, new-moon &c.; पश्यति स्म दिनात्यये पार्वणौ शशिदिवाकराविव [R.11.82;] [Mu.3.1.]
Waxing, increasing (as the moon).
-णम्   The ceremony of offering oblations to all the manes at a Parvan; अमावास्यां यत् क्रियते तत् पार्वणमुदाहृतम् । क्रियते वा पर्वणि यत् तत् पार्वणमिति स्मृतिः ॥ Bhaviṣya. P.; also पार्वणश्राद्धम्.

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pārvaṇa m S A particular श्राद्ध. 2 n A triad of successive ancestors to whose manes unitedly a श्राद्ध is performed.

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