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ह   1. the thirty-third and last consonant of the नागरी alphabet (in पाणिनि's system belonging to the guttural class, and usually pronounced like the English h in hard; it is not an original letter, but is mostly derived from an older घ्, rarely from ध् or भ्).
ह  m. 2.m. (only [L.]) a form of शिव or भैरव (cf.नकुली-श)
a cipher (i.e. the arithmetical figure which symbolizes o)
meditation, auspiciousness
sky, heaven, paradise
the moon
war, battle
a horse
a physician
cause, motive
पाप-हरण   =
See also: पाप - हरण
सकोप-वारण   =
शुष्क   =
ह  mf. mf. laughter
ह  n. n. the Supreme Spirit
pleasure, delight
a weapon
the sparkling of a gem
calling, calling to the sound of a lute
ह  n. ind. = अहम् (?), [IndSt.]
ह  mfn. mfn. mad, drunk.
ह  n. 3.ind. (prob.orig. identical with 2., and used as a particle for emphasizing a preceding word, esp. if it begins a sentence closely connected with another; very frequent in the ब्राह्मणs and सूत्रs, and often translatable by) indeed, assuredly, verily, of course, then &c. (often with other particles e.g. with त्व् एव, , स्म, वै &c.; न ह, ‘not indeed’; also with interrogatives and relatives e.g.यद् ध, ‘when indeed’; कद् ध, ‘what then?’ sometimes with impf. or pf. [cf.[Pāṇ. 3-2, 116]]; in later language very commonly used as a mere expletive, esp. at the end of a verse), [RV.]; &c.
ह  mfn. 4.mf()n. (fr.हन्) killing, destroying, removing (only ifc.; See अराति-, वृत्र-, शत्रुह &c.)
ह  mfn. 5.mf()n. (fr.3.हा) abandoning, deserting, avoiding (ifc.; See अन्-ओक- and वापी-ह)
ह   a See 4., p. 1286, col. 1.
ह   b See 5., p. 1286, col. 1.

ह [h]   ind. An emphatic particle used to lay stress on the preceding word and translateable by 'verily', 'indeed', 'certainly', &c.; but it is often used expletively without any particular signification, especially in Vedic literature; तस्य ह शतं जाया बभूवुः; तस्य ह पर्वतनारदौ गृह उषतुः &c. Ait. Br.; द्वया ह प्राजापत्या देवाश्चासुराश्च [Bṛi. Up.1.3.1.] It is sometimes used as a vocative particle and rarely of disdain or laughter.
हः A form of Śiva.
A cipher.
The moon.
 N. N. of Viṣṇu.
War, battle.
A horse.
A physician.
Cause, motive.
हम् The Supreme Spirit.
Pleasure, delight.
A weapon.
The sparkling of a gem.
The sound of a lute (-m. also according to some in these senses).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
ह   The thirty-third and last consonant of the Deva-Nāgari alphabet the letter “H.”
ह   Subst.
 mfn.  (-हः-हा-हं) Laughter. Adj. Mad, drunk.
 m.  (-हः)
1. ŚIVA. 2. Water.
3. A cypher.
4. Meditation.
5. Auspiciousness.
6. Sky heaven.
7. Paradise.
8. Blood.
9. Dying.
10. Fear.
11. Know- ledge.
12. The moon.
14. War, battle.
15. Horripila tion.
16. A horse.
17. Pride.
18. A physician.
19. Cause, motive f. (-हा)
1. A bandoning, leaving.
2. Coition.
3. A lute.
 n.  (-हं)
1. GOD, the supreme soul.
2. Pleasure, delight.
3. Calling, calling to
4. A weapon.
5. The sparkling of a gem.
6. The sound of a lute. Ind.
1. An expletive.
2. A vocative particle, (ho ! holla !)
3. A term or rejection or disdain.
4. A particle of abuse or reproach see हा, ही &c.
5. An emphatic particle laying stress on the prece- ding word and equivalent to “varily,” “indeed,” “evidently.”
E. हा to abandon, or हन् to strike, &c., aff. or ड .
See also: हा - हन् - - ड .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
h The thirty-third consonant. It corresponds with H.

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
The thirty-third consonant.

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