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A Sanskrit English Dictionary | sa  en |   | 
हरीतकी  mn. f. (rarely °क mn.) the yellow Myrobalan tree, Terminalia Chebula (28 synonyms and seven varieties are enumerated; the fruit is used for dyeing yellow and as a laxative), [Suśr.]; [Hariv.]; [VarBṛS.]

हरीतकी [harītakī]   The yellow myrobalan tree (Mar. बाळहिरडा); सौवर्चलं यवक्षारं सर्जिकां च हरीतकीम् [Śiva.B.3.17.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
हरीतकी  f.  (-की) Yellow or Chebulic myrobalan, (Terminalia chebula:) seven varieties of this are distinguished.
E. हरि green, (colour,) इत gone, got, कन् added, fem. aff. ङीष् .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
harītakī f S pop. हर्त्तकी f Yellow or chebulic myrobalan, Terminalia chebula. Seven varieties are distinguished. See सप्त हरीतकी.

 स्त्री. पिवळा हिरडा . याचे ७ प्रकार . आहेत सप्त हरीतकी पहा . [ सं . ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
 f  Yellow myrobalan.

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