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सार्ष्टि—ता  f. f. equality in rank or condition or power (sometimes regarded as one of the grades of मुक्ति or beatitude; cf.सालोक्य, col.3), [TBr.]; [Up. &c.]

सार्ष्टिता [sārṣṭitā]   1 Equality in rank, condition, or power; देवतानां सलोकतां सार्ष्टितां सायुज्यं गच्छति [Ch. Up.2.2.2.]
Equality with the Supreme Being in power and all the divine attributes, the last of the four states or grades of Mukti; ब्रह्मदो ब्रह्मसार्ष्टितां (प्राप्नोति) [Ms.4.232.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
सार्ष्टिता  f.  (-ता)
1. Equality in rank, condition, power, &c.
2. Equality with the supreme being in power and all the divine attributes, (considered as the fourth grade of mukti.)

 न. ( पंचधा मुक्ति मानतात तेव्हां चवथी मुक्ति ). बुध्दि , बल , ऐश्वर्य इ० सर्व गुणांत परमेश्वराशीं साम्य ; एक प्रकारचा मोक्ष . [ सं . ]

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