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सम्-भ्रम  f. m. (ifc.f(). ) whirling round, haste, hurry, flurry, confusion, agitation, bustling
आत्   activity, eagerness, zeal ( and एन, ‘excitedly, hurriedly’; acc. with √ कृ or √ गम्, and dat., ‘to get into a flurry about, show great eagerness or zeal’; with √ त्यज् or वि-√ मुच्, ‘to compose one's self’), [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
awe, deference, respect, [Kāv.]; [Kathās.]
error, mistake, delusion (ifc. = ‘feigning or seeming to be’), [Rājat.]; [Kathās.]
वि-भ्रम   grace, beauty (v.l. for ), [Bhartṛ.]
See also: वि - भ्रम
N. of a class of beings attending on शिव, [Cat.]
सम्-भ्रम  mfn. mfn. agitated, excited, rolling about (as the eyes), [BhP.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
सम्भ्रम  m.  (-मः)
1. Haste, hurry.
2. Fear, terror.
3. Flurry, confusion, haste or hurry arising from joy, fear, &c.
4. Error, ignorance. 5. Turning round, whirling about, revolving.
6. Respect, reverence.
E. सम् before भ्रम् to revolve, &c., aff. अच् or घञ् .

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