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शुल्क  f. mn. (ifc.f(). ) price, value, purchase-money, [RV.]
the prize of a contest, [MBh.]
toil, tax, duty, customs (esp. money levied at ferries, passes, and roads), [Gaut.]; [Āpast.]; [Mn.] &c.
nuptial gift (orig. a price given to parents for the purchase of a bride, but in later times bestowed on the wife as her own property together with the profits of household labour, domestic utensils, ornaments &c.), dower, dowry, marriage settlement, [Gaut.]; [Viṣṇ.]; [Mn.] &c. (cf.[IW. 267])
wages of prostitution, [Kathās.]; [MārkP.]
शुक्र   w.r. for and शुक्ल, [MBh.]

शुल्कः [śulkḥ] ल्कम् [lkam]   ल्कम् [शुल्क्यते अतिसृज्यते कर्मणि घञ्]
A toll, tax, customs, duty; particularly levied at ferries, passes, roads &c.; कः सुधीः संत्यजेद्भाण्डं शुल्कस्यैवातिसाध्वसात् [H.3.125;] [Ms.8.159;] [Y.2.47.]
Gain, profit.
Money advanced to ratify a bargain.
Purchase price (of a girl); money given to the parents of a bride; पीडितो दुहितृशुल्कसंस्थया [R.11.38;] न कन्यायाः पिता विद्वान् गृह्णीयाच्छुल्कमण्वपि [Ms.3.51;8.24;9.93,98;] [Pratimā 1.15.]
A nuptial present.
Marriage settlement or dowry.
Present given by the bride-groom to his bride.
A dog; [Uṇ.3.42.]
Price, value. -Comp.
-अध्यक्षः   a superintendent of tolls, taxes or revenue; [Kau.A.2.]
-खण्डनम्   defrauding (government) of its due revenue; also
-मोषणम्.-ग्राहक, -ग्राहिन्  m. m. a toll-collector.
दः the giver of a nuptial present.
an affianced suitor; तान् शुल्कदान् वित्तवतः कान्तान् मेनेऽर्थकामुकाः [Bhāg.11.8.24.]
-शाला, -स्थानम्   a toll-station, custom-house; शुल्कस्थाने परिहरन्न- काले क्रयविक्रयी [Ms.8.4.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
शुल्क  mn.  (-ल्कः-ल्कं)
1. Toll, duty, customs or taxes.
2. The present [Page726-a+ 60] made by the bridegroom to the bride, at the time of bringing her home to his family; a marriage settlement or dower.
3. Money given to the parents of the bride.
4. Money given at the purchase of any thing to ratify the bargain.
5. The profits of household labour, employment of domestic utensils, care of milch-cattle, preservation of ornaments, superintendance of servants, &c., when considered as the perquisite of the wife and her own legal property.
E. शुल्क् to quit, aff. घञ् .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
śulka n S Toll, duty, tax as levied at ferries, passes, made roads &c. 2 Money given at marriages to the parents of the bride. 3 A marriagesettlement. 4 The profits of household labor, of the employment of domestic utensils, of the care of milch cattle &c. considered as the perquisite of the wife and her legal property.

 न. १ मुलीबद्दल वराकडून घेतलेले द्रव्य ; हुंडा . २ जकात ; कर ; दस्तुरी . ३ अहेर ; ( कायदा ) विवाह प्रसंगाखेरीज मिळालेले स्त्रीधन . - घका ६१ . ४ घरगुती काम , घरची भांडी वापरण्याबद्दल , दुभत्या जनावराची चाकरी केल्याबद्दल मिळणारा मोबदला , अवांतर प्राति . [ सं . शुल्क् ‍ = देणे ]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  Toll. A marriage-settlement. Money given at marriages to the parents of the bride.

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