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व्यश् - vyaś

व्यश् [vyaś]   5 Ā.
To fill completely, pervade, occupy; प्रतापस्तस्य भानोश्च युगपद् व्यानशे दिशः [R.4.15;] [Bk.9.4;] 14.96.
To obtain, attain to, reach.
To possess, gain.
To fall to one's share.
व्य्-√ अश्   aP.Ā.-अश्नोति, -अश्नुते, to reach, attain, [Bhaṭṭ.];
to obtain, take possession of [RV.]; [AV.]; [ŚBr.]; [ĀśvŚr.];
to fall to one's share, [RV.]; [AV.];
to pervade, interpenetrate, fill, occupy, [Ragh.]; [Bhaṭṭ.]

व्य्-√ अश्   bP.Ā.-अश्नाति, -अश्नीते, to eat up, consume by eating, [RV.]; [AV.]

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