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व्यवहारिन् - vyavahārin

व्यवहारिन् [vyavahārin]   a.
Transacting business, acting, practising.
Engaged in a law-suit, litigant; नाराजके जनपदे सिद्धार्था व्यवहारिणः (कथाभिरभिरज्यन्ते) [Rām.2.67.16.]
Usual, customary. -m A man of business; मनोहारी व्यवहार्युपयम्य [Dk.1.1.]
व्य्-अवहारिन्  mfn. mfn. acting, proceeding, dealing with (ifc.), [Hit.]; [Kull.]

transacting, practising (any business or trade), [MBh.]; [Yājñ.]; [VarBṛS.]
°रि-ता  f. fit or competent for legal proceedings or for affairs, being of age (f. majority in law), [Kāty.]
See also: °रि - ता

relating to a legal process or action, [W.]
customary. usual, ib.
व्य्-अवहारिन्  m. m. a man of business, trader, merchant, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.

N. of a Mohammedan sect, [W.]

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