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vyabhicāribhāva m S An order of properties into which are classed the consequences and symptoms of amorous desire as an object of poetical description. They are thirty-two; or, according to another enumeration, thirty-four; viz. निर्वेद, ग्लानि, शंका, असूया, मद, श्रम, आलस्य, दैन्य, चिंता, मोह, स्मृति, धृति, व्रीडा, चपलता, हर्ष, आवेग, जरता, गर्व, विषाद, औत्सुक्य, निद्रा, अपस्मार, शय, विबोध, अमर्ष, अवहित्या, उग्रता, मति, अपलंभ, व्याधि, उन्माद, मरण. The additional two are त्रास & वितर्क. See भाव.

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