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वि-हर   a &c. See वि-√ हृ, col.2.
See also: वि - हर
वि-हर  m. bm. taking away, removing, shifting, changing, [Bhartṛ.]
See also: वि - हर
separation, disunion, absence, [W.]

विहरः [viharḥ]   1 Taking away, removing.
Separation, disunion.
Play, pastime; विहर उदीक्षया यदि परस्य विमुक्त ततः [Bhāg.1.87.29.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
विहर  m.  (-रः) Separation, disunion, absence.
E. वि before हृ to convey, aff. अप् .
See also: वि - हृ - अप् .

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