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वि-°डम्बन  mfn. mfn. imitating, representing, acting like, [BhP.]
वि-°डम्बन  f. n. and f(). imitation, copying, representing, playing the part of any one, imposture, disguise (esp. applied to a god assuming human form), [Kāv.]; [Pur.] (acc. with √ कृ, to imitate, copy, represent)
वि-°डम्बन  n. n. derision, ridiculousness, mockery, scoff, scorn, vexation, mortification, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c. (acc. with √ कृ, to mock, deride)
disgrace, degradation profanation, [BhP.]
abuse, misusage, [VarBṛS.]
disappointing, frustrating, [MW.]

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विडम्बन  nf.  (-नं-ना)
1. Afflicting, distressing.
2. Vexation, mortification. 3. Frustrating, rendering vain.
4. Imitation, copying, especially assuming a similar appearance or dress, disguise, masquerade. 5. Deception, fraud.
6. Ridiculousness.
7. The supernatural assumption of a borrowed form, transformation.
E. वि before, डवि to heap, aff. ल्युट् .

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