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वि-°च्छित्ति  f. f. (वि॑-) cutting asunder or off, breaking off, prevention, interruption, cessation, [TBr.] &c. &c.
wanting, lack of (instr.), [Śiś.]
(in rhet.) a pointed or cutting or sharp style, [Sāh.]; [Kuval.]
irregularity or carelessness in dress and decoration, [Vās.]; [Daśar.]
colouring or marking the body with unguents, painting, [Śak.]; [Śiś.]
caesura, pause in a verse, [W.]

विच्छित्तिः [vicchittiḥ]  f. f.
(a) Cutting off or asunder, tearing off; न ध्यातं पदमीश्वरस्य विधिवत् संसारविच्छित्तये [Bh.3.11.] (b) Breaking off, fracture.
Dividing, separating.
Disappearance, absence, loss, wanting; विच्छित्तिर्नवचन्दनेन वपुषः [Śi.16.84.]
Colouring the body with paints and unguents, painting colours, rouge; विच्छित्तिशेषैः सुरसुन्दरीणाम् [Ś.7.5;] [Śi.16.84.]
Limit, boundary (of a house &c.)
A pause in a verse, cæsura.
A particular kind of amorous gesture, consisting in carelessness in dress and decoration (through pride of personal beauty); स्तोकाप्याकल्परचना विच्छित्तिः कान्तिपोषकृत् [S. D.138.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
विच्छित्ति  f.  (-त्तिः)
1. Cutting, cutting off, excision.
2. Dividing, frac- ture.
3. Separation or absence.
4. Loss, disappearance, destruc- tion.
5. Cæsura, pause in a verse.
6. The boundary or limits of a house, &c.
7. A property of the Nāyīkā or mistress, carelessness or irregularity in dress and decoration through flurry and agita- tion.
7. Colouring the body with coloured unguents.
E. वि before, छिद् to cut, aff. क्तिन् .

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