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वसन्त  n. am. (n.g.अर्धर्चा-दि) ‘brilliant (season)’, spring (comprising accord. to some, the months चैत्र and वैशाख or from the middle of March to that of May See ऋतु; often personified and considered as a friend or attendant of कामदेव, the god of love), [RV.] &c. &c.
a partic. metre (4 times ˘ ¯ ˘ ˘ ¯ ˘), [Col.]
a partic. time (in music), [L.]
diarrhoea, [L.]
N. of a man, [Rājat.]
वसन्त   b &c. See p. 930, col. 1.

वसन्तः [vasantḥ]   [वस्-झच् [Uṇ.3.128]]
The spring, vernal season (comprising the two months चैत्र and वैशाख); मधुमाधवौ वसन्तः Su&śr.; सर्वं प्रिये चारुतरं वसन्ते [Ṛs.6.2;] विहरति हरिरिह सरसवसन्ते [Gīt.1.]
Spring personified as a deity and regarded as a companion of Kāmadeva; सुहृदः पश्य वसन्त किं स्थितम् [Ku.4.27.]
(In dramas) A nickname for the Vidūṣaka or buffoon. -Comp.
-अवतारः   the advent or setting in of the spring; वसन्तावतारसमयेऽस्या उन्मादयितृकं रूपं प्रेक्ष्य [Ś.1.]
-उत्सवः   the vernal festival, spring-festivities, formerly held on the full-moon day of Chaitra, but now on the full-moon day of Phālguna, and identified with the Holi festival.
-कालः   the spring-tide, vernal season.
-कुसुमः   Cordia Latifolia (Mar. गोंधणी). -घोषिन्m. a cuckoo.
जा the Vāsantī or Mādhavī creeper.
the spring festival; see वसन्तोत्सव.
-तिलकः, -कम्   the ornament of the spring; फुल्लं वसन्ततिलकं तिलकं वनाल्याः [Chand. M.5.] (-कः
-का -कम्)  N. N. of a metre.
दूतः the cuckoo.
the month called Chaitra.
the musical mode हिन्दोल.
the mango tree.
दूती the trumpet-flower.
the female cuckoo.
Bignonia Suaveolens (Mar. पाटला).
-द्रुः, द्रुमः   the mango tree.-पञ्चमी the fifth day in the bright half of Māgha.-बन्धुः,
-योधः, -सखः   epithets of the god of love.

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वसन्त  m.  (-न्तः)
1. Vasanta, the season of spring, comprising the month of Chaitra and Vaisākha, or its deified personification, which is considered to be a companion of KĀMADEVA.
2. Dysentery, diarrhœa.
3. Small-pox.
E. वस् to dwell, Unādi aff. झच्, as applied to the season, when love is especially present on earth.
See also: वस् - झच्

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