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महा—काव्य  n. n. a great or classical poem (applied as a distinguishing title to 6 chief artificial poems, viz. the रघु-वंश, कुमारसम्भव and मेघ-दूत by कालिदास, the शिशुपाल-वध by माघ, the किरातार्जुनीय by भारवि and the नैषध-चरित by श्री-हर्ष; accord. to some the भट्टि-काव्य is also a ), [Kāvyâd.]; [Pratāp.] ([IW. 452]).

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
महाकाव्य  n.  (-व्यं) A regular and classical poem.
E. महा great, and काव्य a poem; the title is applied especially to five works; the Kumāra Sambhava, and Raghu Vaṃśa of KALIDĀSA; the Kirātārjuniya of BHĀRABĪ; the Naisadha of SRIHARSHA, and the Sisupāla Badham of MĀGHA.

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A regular and classical poem. Applied, par excellence, to each of six great works.

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