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मतल्लिका  f. f. (ifc.) anything excellent of its kind (e.g.गो-म्°, ‘an excellent cow’) g.मतल्लिका-दि ([Gaṇar.])
a kind of metre, [Col.]

मतल्लिका [matallikā]   A word used at the end of nouns to donate 'excellence or anything best of its kind'; गोमतल्लिका 'an excellent cow'; परिलसत्तृणशून्यमतल्लिका [Rām. Ch. 4.32;] cf. उद्धः.

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मतल्लिका  f.  (-का) Excellence, happiness: (also attributively, but un- varying in gender,) excellent, best, happiest; It is used at the end of a compound only and there is no etymon of this word, according to the best authorities; Vāchaspatya defined it thus: सतिमलति भूषयति ण्वुल्-पृषो० .

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