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भावित  mfn. mfn. (fr.Caus.) caused to be, created, produced, obtained, got, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
(ifc.) made to become, transformed into, [Bhag.]; [Śaṃk.]; [Sāh.]
manifested, displayed, exhibited, [Daś.]
cherished protected, fostered, furthered, promoted, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
cultivated, purified (See comp. below)
well-disposed, good-humoured, [Kād.]
elated, in high spirits, [MBh.]
thought about, imagined, fancied, conceived, known, recognised, [MBh.]; [Kāv.] &c.
proved, established, [Yājñ.]
meant or destined for (loc.), [ŚārṅgP.]
convicted, [Yājñ.]; [MBh.]
soaked in, steeped, infused, [Suśr.]; [ŚārṅgS.]
perfumed with, scented, [L.]
pervaded or inspired by, occupied or engrossed with, devoted to, intent upon (instr. or comp.), [MBh.]; [Śaṃk.]; [Pur.]
directed towards, fixed upon, [BhP.]
(in arithm.) involving a product of unknown quantities
भावित  n. n. a result or product obtained by multiplication (often expressed by the first syllable भा), [Col.] (cf.[IW. 133]).

भावित [bhāvita] p.p. p.  p. p. [भू-णिच् कर्मणि-क्त]
Created, produced; obtained, got.
Manifested, displayed, exhibited; भावितविषवेगविक्रियः Dk.; (भजे) भक्तेष्वलं भावितभूतभावनम् [Bhāg. 5.17.18.]
Cherished, fostered; तेषां दृष्ट्वा भावितानीङ्गितानि प्रोवाच राजा जनमेजयोऽथ [Mb.1.55.17.]
(a) Conceived, imagined, supposed, presented to the imagination; तं तमेवैति कौन्तेय सदा तद्भावभावितः [Bg.8.6.] (b) Known, recognized, acknowledged.
Thought of, meditated upon.
Made to become, transformed into.
Sanctified by meditation; अनन्यभावे निजधर्मभाविते मनस्यवस्थाप्य भजस्व पूरुषम् [Bhāg.4.8.22;] see भावितात्मन्.
Proved, established.
Pervaded by, filled or saturated with, inspired by.
Soaked, steeped, infused in; किञ्चित् स्निग्धं यथा च स्याच्छुष्कचूर्णमभावितम् [Mb.12.195.18.]
Perfumed, scented.
Mixed with.
(In math.). Involving the products of unknown quantities.
Directed towards, fixed upon; यदीश्वरे भगवति कर्म ब्रह्मणि भावितम् [Bhāg.1.5.32.]
Possessed, captured (वशीकृत); ततोऽन्ये यथाकामं दुदुहुः पृथुभाविताम् [Bhāg.4.18.13.]
Engrossed, filled; रथाङ्गपाणेरनुभावभावितम् [Bhāg.12.1.] 42.
Pleased, gladdened; इष्टान् भोगान् हि वो देवा दास्यन्ते यज्ञभाविताः [Bg.3.12.]
-तम्   Product obtained by multiplication, a factum. -Comp.
-आत्मन्, -बुद्धि   a.
one whose soul is purified by meditating on the Supreme Spirit, one who has perceived the Supreme Soul; तस्य देवप्रभावस्य तपसा भावितात्मनः [Rām.3.5.4.]
pure, devout, holy; एको भावः सदा शस्तो यतीनां भावितात्मनाम् [Pt.3.65.]
thoughtful, meditative; भावितात्मा भुवो भर्तुरथैनं प्रत्यबोधयत् [R.1.] 74.
engaged in, occupied with; स्वगोत्रसंकीर्तनभावितात्मनः [Śi.12.38.] (-m.) a sage, saint.
-भावन a.  a. being one's self furthered and furthering others.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
भावित  mfn.  (-तः-ता-तं)
1. Occupied with, pervaded by, having as an in- herent or pervading property.
2. Animated, inspired.
3. Imagined, conceived.
4. Perfumed, scented.
5. Mixed, (with any thing as an ingredient, as asafœtida or other fragrant substances in curry, &c.) 6. Obtained, got.
7. Promised, agreed, acknowledged.
8. Steeped, infused, digested, &c.
9. (In arithmetic,) Supposed, as the product of unknown quantities.
E. भू to be, passive or causal v., aff. क्त .
See also: भू - क्त .

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
bhāvita n S The product of two or more unknown quantities: also an equation containing such product.
bhāvita p S Conceived, imagined, thought. 2 That has undergone any of the operations called भावना q. v. Sig. IV.

दोन किंवा अधिक परिमाणांचा गुणाकार .
असला गुणाकार असलेलें समीकरण .

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  Product of two or more unknown quantities.
  Conceived, imagined.

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