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प्रोक्षणम् [prōkṣaṇam]   1 Sprinkling, sprinkling with water; अद्भिस्तु प्रोक्षणं शौचं बहूनां धान्यवाससाम् [Ms.5.118;] [Y.1.184.]
Consecration by sprinkling.
Immolation (of animals) at a sacrifice.
A text to be repeated at an animal-sacrifice.
A vessel for holy water.
-णी, प्रोक्षणिः  f. f. Water used for sprinkling or consecrating, holy water; याभिरद्भिर्हविषः पुरोडाशानां च प्रोक्षणं कृतं ताः प्रोक्षण्यः Karka. (Used in pl., and sometimes used to denote 'the vessel containing holy water', in which sense the word generally used is प्रोक्षणीपात्र).

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