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प्रा  f. 1.cl. 2. P. ([Dhātup. xxiv, 53]) प्राति (pf.P.पप्रौ॑ or पप्रा, 2. sg. पप्राथ, p.पप्रिव॑स्f.°प्रु॑षी, [RV.]; Ā.पप्रे, 2. sg.°प्रिषे, ib.; [AV.]; पप्रे as Pass., Bhatt aor. 3. sg.अप्रात् or अप्रास्, [RV.]; Subj.प्रा॑स् or प्रा॑सि, ib.; aor.Pass.अप्रायि, [AV.]), to fill, [RV.]; [AV.]; [Br.]; [Bhaṭṭ.]
प्रा   [cf.Gk., πλή-ρης; Lat.plē-nus.]
प्रा  mfn. 2.mfn. filling (ifc.= 2. प्र; cf.अन्तरिक्ष-, काम-, क्रतु- &c.)
प्रा   3.वृद्धि or lengthened form of 1.प्र in comp. (cf.[Pāṇ. 6-3, 122]). Observe in the following derivatives, only the second member of the simple compound from which they come is given in the parentheses, leaving the preposition प्र (lengthened to in the derivatives) to be supplied.

प्रा [prā]   2 P. (प्राति) To fill; अप्रासीदिषुभिर्मुखम् [Bk.]
प्रा [prā]  f. f. Matted hair; Nigh. Ratna.

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प्रा   r. 2nd cl. (प्राति) To fill. अदा० पर० सक० अनिट् .

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