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प्र°शस्ति  f. f. (प्र॑-) praise, fame, glorification, [RV.]; [Uttarar.]; [Daśar.] &c. (°तिंधा, to bestow pr° upon, value highly [with loc.] [RV.])
liking, desire (as of food), [RV.]
(in dram.) a benediction (praying for peace &c. in the reign of a prince), [Sāh.]
instruction, guidance, warning, [RV.]
an edict, [Vcar.]; [Bālar.]
(metrical) eulogistic inscription, [Ml.]
excellence, eminence, [W.]
°तिका   N. of a guide to letter-writing, [Cat.] (also )

प्रशस्तिः [praśastiḥ]  f. f.
Praise, eulogy, laudation.
Description; [U.7.]
A panegyric or small poem written in praise of any one (e. g. a patron).
Excellence, eminence.
Guidance, instruction, rule for guidance; as in लेखप्रशस्तिः 'a form of writing'.
Publicity, advertising; दशाननतिरस्कारप्रशस्तिमिव [Mv.5.12.]

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प्रशस्ति  f.  (-स्तिः)
1. Excellence, eminence.
2. Eulogy.
3. A small poem written in praise of any one.
4. Instruction.
E. प्र before, शणस to praise, क्तिन् aff.

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