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To fill or pervade; to be present throughout. Used gen. in figurative senses and of disagreeable persons &c. Ex. हा जेथें तेथें पुरवतो This fellow is found everywhere. 2 in. con. To please or suit; to agree with or go down with: ex. ही वस्तू दोन रुपयास पुरवेल तर घ्या; हा माझा स्वभाव शिव्या देण्याचा आहे तुला पुरवेल तर राहा; असी चेष्टा आम्हास पुरवणार नाहीं: also to be bearable or supportable. पुरवल्यास पडणें or येणें Irregular for पुरवट्यास पडणें or येणें.


Aryabhushan School Dictionary | Marathi  English
v t   To pervade; to be present throughout. To please or suit. Ex. ही वस्तु दोन रुपयांस पुरवेल तर घ्या. To be bearable or supportable.
v t   To satisfy; to supply to the full. To eke out; to make to serve. To be sufficient for. To complete

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