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नि-°ह्नव  m. m. begging pardon, making amends or reparation (a kind of ceremony at which the ऋत्विज् lay their hands upon the प्रस्तर and recite, [VS. v, 7]), [Sāy.] on [AitBr. i, 26] (also °ह्नवन, [Gobh.])
atonement, expiation, amends for (gen.), [Mn. ix, 21]
denial, concealment, secrecy, mistrust, suspicion, [Yājñ.]; [MBh.]; [Kāv.]
contradiction, [MBh.]
eclipsing, obscuring, surpassing, [Kāvyâd.]
wickedness, [W.]
N. of a सामन्, [ĀrṣBr.]

निह्नवः [nihnavḥ]   1 Denial, concealment of knowledge; कार्यः स्वमतिनिह्नवः [Māl.1.12;] [Chandr.5.27.]
Secrecy, concealment in general; निह्नवे याचितो दद्याद्धनं राज्ञे च तत्समम् [Y.2.11,267.]
A secret.
Mistrust; doubt, suspicion.
Atonement, expiation; तस्यैष व्यभिचारस्य निह्नवः सम्यगुच्यते [Ms.9.21.]
Obscuring, surpassing.
Excuse, exculpation.-Comp.
-उत्तरम्   an evasive reply.
-वादिन्  m. m. a defendant or witness who prevaricates or gives evasive replies.

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निह्नव  m.  (-वः)
1. Denial or concealment of knowledge, dissimulation, secrecy.
2. Concealment in general.
3. Mistrust, doubt, suspicion. 4. Wickedness.
5. A secret.
6. Excuse.
E. नि before, ह्नु to hide or secrete aff. अप्.

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