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द्वितीय  mfn. mf()n. (fr.द्वि, [Pāṇ. 5-2, 54]; decl, i, 1, 36, Vārtt. 3, [Pat.]cf. vii, 3, 115) second, [RV.] &c. &c.
द्वितीय  m. m. companion, fellow (friend or foe), [ŚBr.]; [MBh.] &c.
छाया   ifc. doubled or accompanied by, furnished with (cf. a-, -, धनुर्- &c.)
the 2nd in a family (i.e. a son, [L.]; cf.[AitBr. vii, 29])
the 2nd letter of a वर्गi.e. the surd aspirate, [Prāt.]; [Pāṇ.] &c.
द्वितीय  m. mfn. ([Pāṇ. 5-3, 49]) forming the 2nd part or half of anything, with भागm. half of (gen.), [Mn. iv, 1 &c.]
द्वितीय  n. n. the half (at the beginning or end of a comp.), [Pāṇ.]; ib., ii, 2, 3; [Kāś.]

द्वितीय [dvitīya] a.  a. Second; त्वं जीवितं त्वमसि मे हृदयं द्वितीयम् [U. 3.26;] [Me.85;] [R.3.49.]
यः the second in a family, a son.
A companion, partner, friend (usually at the end of comp.); प्रयतपरिग्रहद्वितीयः [R.1.95;] [Ku.3.35;] so छाया˚, दुःख˚ &c.
The second letter of a class.
The second person (in gram.).
या The second day of a lunar fortnight. ˚चन्द्र the young moon; द्वितीया- चन्द्र इवाधिकतरं शोभते प्रियवयस्यः [Ratn.4.2]/3.
A wife, companion, partner; द्वितीयां मदभीष्टाय भार्यार्थे स्वीकरिष्यसि [Ks.98.33.]
(In gram.) The accusative case.
-यम्   The half.
-यम्   ind. A second time, again. -Comp. आश्रमः the second stage or period of the religious life of a Brāhmaṇa; i. e. गार्हस्थ्य.
-वयस् a.  a. having arrived at the second stage of life.

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द्वितीय  mfn.  (-यः-या-यं)
1. Second.
2. Two.
 m.  (-यः) A son, a second or successor.
 f.  (-या)
1. A wife, according to the ritual, a woman wedded after the ceremony prescribed by the Vedas, a second self as it were.
2. The second day of the fortnight.
E. द्वि two, and तीय affix, fem. affix टाप्; also
with कन् added, द्वितीयक .

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Second or another.

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