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दध  mfn. mfn., iii, i, 139 ‘giving’ See इडा-, इला-.

दध [dadha] a.  a. Holding, possessing, giving &c. -n. share, portion; दधशब्दो भागधेयवचनः । त्रद्यथा कण्टकाय दधं नापिताय दधमिति । देवदधानि देवभागा इत्यर्थः । ŚB. on [MS.1.8.32.]

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दध   r. 1st cl. (दधते)
1. To hold, to possess or retain.
2. To give, to present, to assign or make over. (इ) दधि (दन्धति) To nourish. भ्वा० आ० सक० सेट् .
दध  mfn.  (-धः-धा-धं) Who has or possesses.
E. धा to have, aff.
See also: धा -

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