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See also:  त्रिफळा

स्त्रीपु . हिरडा , बेहडा व आवळकाठी यांचे समभाग चूर्ण . [ त्रि + फल = फळ ]
त्रि—फला  f. f. ([Pāṇ. 4-1, 64], Vārtt. 3) the 3 Myrobalans (fruits of Terminalia Chebula, , and Phyllanthus Emblica; also तृफ्°, [L.]), [Suśr.]; [VarBṛS. xvi]; [Kathās. lxx]; KātyŚr. Sch.

the 3 sweet fruits (grape, pomegranate, and date), [Npr.]
the 3 fragrant fruits (nutmeg, areca-nut, and cloves), ib.

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