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चीर्ण [cīrṇa] a.  a. (चर्-नक् पृषो˚ अत ईन्वम्]
Done, performed, observed; चीर्णव्रतो बाल एव बुद्धिसत्त्वगुणान्वितः [Mb.1.48.19.]
Studied, repeated.
Split, divided. -Comp.
-पर्णः   the Kharjūra and Nimba tress;
-व्रत a.  a. Who has practised a vow.
चीर्ण  mfn. mfn. (√ चर्) practised, observed (as a vow, austerity), [MuṇḍUp. iii, 2, 10]; [MBh. xv, 91]; [Divyâv.]; [BhP. v, 6, 3]
चीर्ण  n. n. conduct, [W.]

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