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क्षुण्ण   a°ण्णक See √ क्षुद्.
क्षुण्ण  mfn. bmfn. stamped or trampled upon, [MBh. viii, 4845]; [VarBṛS. liv]; [Ragh. i, 17]; [Pañcat.] &c.
pounded, bruised, crushed, pulverised, [Suśr.]; [Pāṇ. 4-2, 92]; [Kāś.]
broken to pieces, shattered, pierced, [MBh. iii, 678]; [Mṛcch.]; [BhP.]; [MārkP.]
अ-क्ष्°   violated (as a vow), [R. i, 8, 9] ()
See also: - क्ष्°
practised, exercised (as the body), [Suśr.]
thought over repeatedly, reflected on again and again, [W.]
one versed in sacred science but unable to explain or teach it, [W.]
defeated, overcome, [W.]
अक्ष्°   multiplied, [Sūryas.] (cf..)

क्षुण्ण [kṣuṇṇa]   See under क्षुद् below.
क्षुण्ण [kṣuṇṇa] p.p. p.  p. p. [क्षुद्-क्त]
Pounded, crushed to pieces, bruised.
Powdered, pulverized, ground.
Beaten, trodden (as a path); रेखामात्रमपि क्षुण्णादा मनोर्वर्त्मनः परम् (न व्यतीयुः) [R.1.17.]
(Fig.) Practised, followed; क्षुद्रजनक्षुण्ण एष मार्गः [K.146;] अ˚ unusual; [Māl.3.]
Violated (a vow); [Rām.1.]
Exercised, practised, skilful.
One versed in the sacred science but unable to teach it.
Overcome, defeated; क्षतं क्षुण्णासुरगणैरगणैरिव किं यशः [Ki.15.8.] -Comp.
-मनस् a.  a. penitent, repentant.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
क्षुण्ण  mfn.  (-ण्णः-ण्णा-ण्णं)
1. Bruised, pounded.
2. Exercised, practiced, skil- ful.
3. One verssed in sacred scienee, but described as unable to explain or teach it.
4. Defeated, overcame.
E. क्षुद् to bruise, &c. affix क्त, form irr.

A dictionary, Marathi and English | mr  en |   | 
kṣuṇṇa p S Bruised or trodden; crushed or injured through bruising, pounding, trampling &c.

वि.  १ तुडविलेलें ; ठेचलेलें ; चुरडलेलें ( हात , पाय , दगड इ० नीं ). २ रूढ ; बराच चोखाळलेला ( मार्ग ). [ सं .]

Aryabhushan School Dictionary | mr  en |   | 
  Bruised; crushed.

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