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क्रान्त [krānta] p.p. p.  p. p. Gone, passed over, traversed &c.; (p. p. of क्रम् q. v.)
तः A horse.
A foot, step; [Ms.12.121.]
न्तम् Going, passing.
A step.
A certain aspect in astronomy (when the moon is in conjunction with a planet). -Comp.
-दर्शिन् a.  a. omniscient.
क्रान्त  mfn. amfn. gone, gone over or across
spread, extended
attacking, invading, gone to or against
overcome (as by astonishment), [Ragh. xiv, 17]
क्रान्त  m. m. a horse, [L.]
(in astron.) declination, [W.]
क्रान्त  n. n. a step (विष्णोः क्रान्त, ‘the step of विष्णु’, N. of a ceremony, [ŚBr. xiii]; cf.विष्णु-क्रम), [ŚBr.]; [Mn. xii, 121]
(in astron.) a certain aspect when the moon is in conjunction with a planet.
क्रान्त   bक्रान्ति, &c. See √ क्रम्.

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