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क्रान्तिः [krāntiḥ]  f. f.
Going, proceeding.
A step, pace.
Attacking, overcoming.
Declination of a planet.
The ecliptic. -Comp.
-कक्षः, -मण्डलम्, -वलयः, -वृत्तम्   the ecliptic.
-क्षेत्रम्   a figure described by the ecliptic.
-जीवा, -ज्यका, -ज्या   the sine of the declination or of the ecliptic.
-पातः   the equinoctial points or nodes of the ecliptic.
-भागः   the declination of a point of the ecliptic.
वलयः the ecliptic.
the tropical zone, space within the tropics.
क्रान्ति  f. f. going, proceeding, step, [L.]
overcoming, surpassing, [W.]
attacking, [L.]
declination of a planet, [Sūryas. i, 68; ii, 28 and 58 ff.]
the sun's course (ifc.), [HPariś. vii, 3]
the sun's course on the globe, ecliptic.

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