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क्रय्य - krayya

  Purchasable. Saleable.
वि.  खरेदीविक्रिला योग्य विकण्यासाठीं बाजारांत आलेला ; विकावयास काढलेला ( पदार्थ ). ( सं .)
krayya a S Purchasable. 2 Saleable.
क्रय्य [krayya] a.  a. [क्री-यत्] A thing exhibited for sale in the market; क्रेयं नो धान्यं न चास्ति क्रय्यम् Mbh. on [P.VI. 1.82.] (opp. क्रेय which only means 'fit to be purchased'; cf. Sk. on [P.VI.1.82]).
क्रय्य  mfn. mfn. ([Pāṇ. 6-1, 82]) exhibited for sale, purchasable, [ŚBr. iii, 3, 3, 1]; KātyŚr. vii, 8, 2f.

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