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कलापकम् [kalāpakam]   1 A series of four stanzas on the same subject and forming one grammatical sentence (चतु- र्मिस्तु कलापकम्); for an illustration see [Ki.3.41,42,43,] 44.
A debt to be paid when the peacocks spread their tails.
कः A band or bundle in general.
A string of pearls; a kind of ornament; कलापकावक्षमाला यथेयम् [Ms.3.112.5.]
The rope round an elephant's neck.
A zone or girdle (= कलाप); रशनाकलापकगुणेन वधूर्मकरध्वजद्विरदमाकलयत् [Śi.9.45.]
A sectarian mark on the forehead (विशेषक).

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