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कर्षिन् - karṣin

कर्षिन् [karṣin]   a.
Who or what draws &c. स्तम्बेरमा मुखरशृङ्ख- लकर्षिणस्ते [R.]
Attractive. घ्राणकान्तमधुगन्धकर्षिणीः [R.19.11.]-m. A ploughman.
णी The bit of a bridle.
A medicinal moon-plant. (Mar. खिरणी).
कर्षिन्  mfn. mfn. drawing along, pulling, dragging, [Ragh.]; [Mṛcch.] &c.
attractive, inviting, [Ragh. xix, 11]
ploughing, furrowing
कर्षिन्  m. m. a ploughman, peasant, husbandman, [Kathās.]

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