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 m  Swindling, sharp practice, borrowing far and wide. An earnest looking for.
 स्त्री. द्रव्यादिक उपटण्याचा व्यापार ; फसवेगिरी ; खिसेकातरुपणा ; दुकानचोरपणा ; उचापत ; उधारी ; उसना , उधार माल . ( क्रि० घेणें ; काढणें ; करणें ). उचका या शब्दानें नेहमीं लबाडी ध्वनित होते . [ उचकणें ]
काळजी , ध्यास , वेध यामुळें होणारा भास . स्वप्र . ( क्रि० येणें ; लागणें ; पडणें ).
एखाद्या गोष्टीचें औत्सुक्य , कुतूहल ; मनांत पक्कें बसलेलें भय किंवा धाक ; चिंता ; घोर , धोसरा . ( क्रि . धरणें ; लागणें ; बसणें . ) [ वचक ]
Swindling, cozenage, sharperpractice; pocket-picking; shoplifting; borrowing far and wide; buying up goods on tick &c. v घे, काढ, कर. Also the monies so borrowed or goods so bought. उचका always implies Wildness and rashness in such taking up of monies or goods, and generally Fraudulent intention. 2 An impression upon the mind so vivid as to produce a dream; or to occasion, during waking hours, a vision or a perception as of a real object;--caused by earnestness of expectation, intensity of dread, or ardent contemplation of some project. v ये, लाग, पड. 3 An earnest looking for, a deep apprehension of, or an absorbing meditation upon. v धर, लाग, बस.

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