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अ-विशेष  m. m. non-distinction, non-difference, uniformity, [Kap.]
See also: - विशेष
अ-विशेष  mfn. mfn.without difference, uniform, [BhP.]; [Kap.] &c.
See also: - विशेष
अ-विशेष  n. n.pl. (in सांख्यphil.) N. of the (five) elementary substances (cf.तन्-मात्र)
See also: - विशेष

अविशेष [aviśēṣa] a.  a. Without any difference, alike, similar, uniform.
षः, षम् Absence of difference, uniformity, similarity.
Identity, sameness.
The subtle elements; तन्मात्राण्यविशेषाः Sāṅ [K.38.]
-क a.  a. Inconclusive, not leading to any definite conclusion; अपि चैकेन संनिधानमविशेषको हेतुः [Ms.11.1.64.] -Comp.
-ज्ञ a.  a. not knowing the difference (in things), undiscriminating.-वचन a. Not expressive of any particular detail or aspect of a matter; अविशेषवचनः शब्दो न विशेषे व्यवस्थापितो भविष्यति ŚB. on [MS.4.3.15.]

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
अविशेष  mfn.  (-षः-षा-षं) Uniform, alike, without any difference.
 n.  (-षं) Equality, uniformity.
E. neg. विशेष variation.
See also: - विशेष

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