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अव-रोधक  mfn. mfn. hindering, [L.]
See also: अव - रोधक
being about to besiege (with acc.), [R. i, 71, 16]
अव-रोधक  m. m. a guard, [L.]
See also: अव - रोधक
अव-रोधक  n. n. a barrier, fence, [L.]
See also: अव - रोधक

अवरोधक [avarōdhaka]   a.
Obstruction, hindering, impeding.
Besieging; सुधन्वा वीर्यवान् राजा मिथिलामवरोधकः [Rām. 1.71.16.]
-कः   A guard.
-कम्   A barrier, fence.

Shabda-Sagara | sa  en |   | 
अवरोधक  mfn.  (-कः-का-कं) What impedes or obstructs.
 m.  (-कः) A guard. f. (-धिका) A female of the haram.
 n.  (-कं) A barrier, a fence.
E. अव before रोधक what opposes.
See also: अव - रोधक

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